The Role of Botox in Anti-Aging

How botox works

Botox will not reverse or stop your skin from aging. It is only a muscle relaxant.

Your wrinkles may go away after getting the botulinum toxin (Botox or Dysport) injection to immobilize facial muscles, but they will come back the same as someone who hasn’t had any treatment.

Botox is a pricy commitment (especially if you don’t have a Botox savings program for units you buy). You have to keep going for as long as you want to spot a face without 11s or other facial lines.

Also, Botox doesn’t address all the signs of aging. But, it can be money well spent if you find yourself spending more cumulatively on various products and skincare that might not be as effective.

Anti-aging is more than just a reduction of the signs of aging. It’s about permanently going back in time with your skin even if only by a few years and having a new start. Of course, going back in time is not the same as keeping your face frozen in time.

You will age if you don’t continue the fight through skincare and staying healthy. And you will age regardless but not as quickly.

Looking young is relative.

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