Skincare hacks that helped treat (or prevent) scarring

I have tried a few different products, hacks and techniques to help fade acne scars and prevent new scars from forming on my journey to flawless skin. I hope you will find some of these helpful in your own skin journey.

Sleeping on satin or silk pillow cases  to save face

When my face is peeling or generally more sensitive due to skincare treatments with active ingredients, cotton or microfibre pillow cases tend to rub me the wrong way.

Cotton absorbs moisture and might rob my skin of all the rich night cream moisture I put on.

Don’t get me started on microfibre and most synthetic materials that moves moisture away from the skin and can be extremely drying and cause excess heating on the face.

I don’t want to risk getting inflammation and pigmentation due to friction, so I prefer silk. Satin might be a bit too slippery and cause neck problems.

Using a body lotion that contains niacinamide and sunscreen with titanium dioxide.

I’ve noticed that sunscreens or lotions that contain niacinamide and physical UV filters helps the most to prevent darkening from UVA rays.

I’m using a really good lotion right now with SPF 10, but the titanium oxide makes my skin ashy and a bit flaky. But, it’s worth it when dark marks shed away.

using a high concentration retinol 

I will use a retinol serum for a few days until my skin peels and then stopping for a few months so my skin doesn’t build tolerance. I kinda want to benefit from the drastic skin renewal benefits without having to dedicate myself to sticking to a routine that contains retinol long term since I have acne prone skin and retinol might break me out in pimples and those pimples might turn into post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

It’s often really difficult to create a routine when you’re dealing with products with active ingredients that might interact and irritate your skin. So, if you don’t have the energy to research long lists of ingredients, my advice is to get facial treatments at a reputable salon. Just shop around for retinol peels. After receiving your peel, the 5-day aftercare routine is usually fool-proof. Thereafter you can go back to doing your simple skincare routine while still benefiting from active ingredients in salon facials.

Don’t go just anywhere for facials because it’s your face and brand. The beauty industry is full of chance takers and a lot of salons use cheap labour with no proper qualifications except for a three day crash course, which is unacceptable. We can’t compromise our health and beauty for the sake of empowerment. Proper education should be a priority for all salons.

Don’t spend your money on salons that don’t respect cosmetology and client safety. At the end of the day, as a client, you are not getting beauty treatments as an act of charity. Business is business.

Spend your money on qualified technicians.

Actually going for facials at salons

Sometimes it’s better not to follow social media hacks and listen to every influencer and forum contributor on the internet and trying every product you hear about or see, and just go to a professional like a dermatologist or aesthetician.

You can get lots of benefits especially if you’re too busy to do twice daily routines for your skin. Stop doing guess work and do what works.

And if you are happy doing a routine that contains powerful and active ingredients, you can still benefit from a relaxing and thorough facial. My last facial permanently got rid of my black beads on the sides of my nostrils with extraction.

There are many things that we need done on our faces that we often can’t do as well as a professional. For example, it is not always easy to extract your own blackheads and pimples. Plus, we also often too gentle when doing our own facial scrubs and so we don’t see much improvement in skin texture but still get all the negative effects from using exfoliating chemicals and abrasive scrubs. Some things are not worth doing if they are not done right.

Using sponges

Nothing really gets rid of my skin texture and makes my face look polished quite like cellulose sponges. They are inexpensive and readily available at the beauty section of the store. Just make sure to replace them at least monthly if not weekly.

This is the best hack to give you baby soft skin.


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