Productivity Apps For Work Life

I actually use most of these apps, but I list others I’ve heard of too,just to give you more options to look into and research on tech you can use to make life easier.

Adobe Fill and Sign

Adobe Fill and Sign allows me to easily fill in forms and sign contracts without having to print, fill out with pen, and scan.

Let’s not complicate thing in this day and age by adding exra steps.

Google Keep

I do so much with Google Keep, like:

  • Add reminders with notification
  • Store a list of useful links
  • Save lists of things as images (no need to type)
  • Organize my calendar

Start using Keep.

Alternative to Google’s Keep: Apple’s Notes (doesn’t sync across devices)


You don’t need Lightroom presets and you can create your own presets from photos you edit. By the way, it’s free to use and you don’t need to sign up for a free trial.

It’s so easy to quickly edit pictures with bad lighting with this. Just download it on your phone and start.


I don’t love Inshot because of the constant pop-up ads and premium prompts, but it is good for those of us that don’t have professional photo editing skills. I still use it as a quick easy way to edit images, short videos and create banners and logos.

I used to use InShot a lot to edit the feet pics I sold online.

Alernatives to Inshot: Lightroom, LogoWatermark (ios),


I use to auto-schedule my blog articles posts and social media and create tweets and messages to my telegram channels. I love that I can auto-post from RSS feeds to my social media. I’m going to test it out for auto scheduling my TikToks and Reels. It is so easy to log-in to one platform and have one workspace to organize all of my social accounts for my business. You can google more about it.


You don’t have to use Telegram Messenger to chat with anyone. I love using telegram to save links from the internet on the cloud and creating different channels with dedicated into. You could legit use telegram to create your own wiki or hub or store notes. What separates Telegram from Whatsapp is that it has bots that do many useful automations. It’s also a great place to host your communities and network with others.

Alternatives to Telegram: there are not alternatives. It’s in a league of its own, and I have a suspicion that Meta ™ buys or borrows their innovation for Whatsapp.


If you need to let a virtual assistant get access to your prized assets like social media accounts, this is a must. This is what makes LastPass different to Apple Keychain to sync your passwords accross devices and users. They have a free option, so start using that to slowly add your passwords.

Bear App

Bear is an app found on iOS. It helps you create markdown copy easily. It’s great for newbs on Reddit. Try it out.


It wouldn’t be easy to sync my media across devices without dropbox. I prefer third party apps to store documents in case I ever decide to change devices or operating systems. I don’t sync my laptop, though, because it uses too much resources on mine. I upload from the web.

Web hosting

If you want to have true ownership of your business and run it on your turn without succumbing to the terms and conditions of third party platforms, it is important to have your own website hosted independently where you can make regular backups of all your data and own it. I use ClipVPN hosting. I’m a part owner.


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