My Beauty Routines

Many of us have different skin problems happening all at the same time.

And, even though we really wish we could be rid of all our flaws, it usually isn’t possible to treat the various skin conditions at the same time.

As such, we often have to alternate and skincare routines to suite our evolving skincare journeys.

Skin is a living organ and changes with time, our biological clocks, hormonal fluctuations, life events, environmental stressors, nutrition and topical products and procedures. This is why I keep changing my skincare routine.

Beauty Routine Updates

As a teen I built up a lot of hyperpigmentation due to pimples which I was successfully able to fade in my adult years after learning that clearer skin was a possibility.

But, I wasn’t entirely happy with the texture of my skin with all the adult pimples I had, so when I could afford it wanted to buy creams that I could never dream of affording when I was poor.

Now, that I have money (and even when I don’t) I do whatever I can to maintain and enhance my looks. Having great skin is part of being beautiful.

Beauty gives us dignity and the confidence to pursue our dreams.

Even if you have amazing facial features, if your skin is flawed, it might lower your prospects of finding love and halt your economic endeavours.

You could say: it’s not fair men don’t have to be beautiful. But, it’s not true, how many C-class executives are spotting razor bumps? How many successful business men have unkempt beards?

The truth is that beauty is for everyone.

Everyone has to look presentable and smell good to leave a good impression.

Good manners starts in front of the mirror.

Here you’ll find my skincare and beauty routine posts.


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