Restaurant Review: Short Market Club [Rosebank, South Africa]

My glass was definitely more than half-full this afternoon, because I had two non-alcohol drinks with a meal at one of the restaurants on the main road, just a little walk away from the bustling center of Rosebank.

I was uber sober and uber hungry!

I always thought of going to the Shortmarket Club, but it requires a booking in the evening.

I wish I could have gone here on a date, but I’m indefinitely single.

But, even though I ate all alone, it was a nice vibe. It’s a pretty small restaurant, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. I got to enjoy good food that I didn’t have to cook myself or have delivered cold.

I don’t usually do starters. I don’t see the point of them. So, I opted out of being served a starter. I went straight to the main meal, after ordering a non-alcoholic cocktail.

If you choose to dine here, you might want to order a starter because the main meal comes in small serving sizes.

I’d also like to warn you that the courses are very pricy and the menu lacks a variety. For instance, there are 4 items for each course.

A lot of what’s on the plate is meant to garnish the plate. I rather dislike when my plate is full of brussel sprouts, especially when it’s thrown on top and I have to pick them out of my plate before taking a bite of what’s underneath.

Anyway, I chose to have the Thai pork belly dish for my main. It was OK. No fireworks.

Maybe, I’m just not that into Thai food. Or, non Thai people just can’t quite get it right.

Unfortunately, in South Africa, exotic dishes are usually not made by natives to the respective countries. So, sometimes a recipe can be lost in translation.

This post isn’t sponsored so I am allowed to have my own opinion.

Boy, am I glad to have my own platform where I can share my honest unbiased opinion.

Dessert was fab!

Anyway, so after the main meal, I had dessert.

Would you look at this chocolate fondant!

I can’t believe I ravished it all, it was so good.

I have a reputation for leaving food on my plate. But, there was no resisting. This was the star of the show.

I had to head back home afterwards. But, at least I don’t have to worry about what’s for dinner.


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