How to promote OnlyFans without a Social Media Following

Just because you aren’t social media famous, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start an OnlyFans. You are either open to start social media or you hate the idea of doing social media. If you’re willing to start social media, it’ll only cost you time and sometimes money. However, if you only want to promote your OnlyFans, without bothering with growing a social media account, it will cost you money. Perhaps you have the money, so now all you need to know is how and where to spend it for maximum exposure. Let’s get started.

Promote your onlyfans using ShoutOut Express

ShoutOut Express is an influencer platform where OnlyFans and Instagram models buy promo and shoutouts on various platforms. Results may be hit or miss, so it’s important to do your research and only buy shoutouts and promo from influencers you know are really famous.

ShoutOutExpress now has a different name.

how to promote onlyfans without a social media following using ShoutOut express
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You can even pay influencers and Instagram models to follow you for a one time fee or for a set period of time. This will add you to their friends list. Being followed by some influencers have the extra benefit of them running giveaways to fans that enter by following all of the people they follow. So, this can bring you in lots of fans for the time that you are on their follower list.

Even if you won’t be posting, create accounts on various social media platforms anyway.

By having accounts on various platforms, you have a place to add your OnlyFans and LinkTree links.

It’ll also be easier to buy shoutouts for whatever platform an influencer is most active on like say Twitter.

Buy Google Ads for your OnlyFans to get subscribers without promoting

Google now allows adult ads for things like cam chats, feet pics, dating sites, FeetFinder and OnlyFans.

However, there is a method to use, so you have less of a chance of getting your ads account suspended.

For added privacy, I’d recommend doing your google ads through a third party.

If you’d like to know how I did my google ads for OnlyFans, get in touch for a consult. However, I might touch on this more in a future tutorial.

Pay OnlyFans Search Engine sites to have your account appear prominently

If you’ve ever googled an OnlyFans model’s name, you might have coke across platforms that list OnlyFans models and have filtering features to find models that fit a certain category.

Do research on these platforms and pay to get promoted there.

how to promote onlyfans without a social media following
Promoting your OnlyFans profile without social media

Make use of virtually assistants to run and grow your social media profiles.

You honestly don’t have to DIY your OnlyFans promotion. You already have so much on your plate with communicating with fans and content creation. Make use of Twitter and Telegram OnlyFans groups to find a virtual assistant who has experience as a model.

Warning: don’t use managers (usually men) who are basically virtual pimps.

Use Telegram Share4Share groups for OnlyFans Models

The way these groups work is you post other models on your onlyfans and then they do the same.

You can usually only do s4s with models that have the same range of followers as you have. However, on those Telegram groups, you will also find models selling their promo. But, it’s best to be cautious of buying promo on Telegram, since there are models that inflate their fan and engagement count and only make money selling promo to unsuspecting hopefuls.

Lastly, maybe try out creating and growing a social media presence

You might find that you actually enjoy posting on TikTok, Reddit or Instagram. It might even be a gateway for you to do mainstream social media influencing and UGC to get paid by businesses and household brands. If not, I hope you found my other tips here on helpful.

Best ways to advertise OnlyFans

  • Paid search
  • Buying promo
  • Shoutouts from influencers


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