Best hyperpigmentation gadgets (2022)

These skincare gadgets will get rid of dark marks in 2022

LED Red light mask for hyperpigmentation

I’ve mentioned in one of my posts about protection against visible light that some light can actually be good for your skin and promote rejuvenation and make your skin healthy looking in a way. Visible red light has been proven to fade dark marks and scarring.

Buy a red led light mask and start seeing a difference in your pigmentation and dark spots faster. No need to make appointments at dermatologist and skincare clinics, especially now since many cosmologists are getting booked to capacity. Go DIY and become a home facial pro.

How to use an LED red mask?

In the beginning, you can use this mask up to four times a day. For general maintenance – because we all know new scars might form after a pre-menstrual pimple – to keep skin glowing and makeup optional.

Optionally use this mask is after a rooibos or green tea mask. Doing this will combine the effects of antioxidants in green tea and rooibos tea and the wonderful effects of red LED light.

Before putting on this LED red light mask to your face, apply an oil-free gel to conduct the current to your skin. You should find a three months supply of conducting gel in the LED light package. Make sure to double check on which ever online store that you want to buy from.

If your gel gets finished or you can’t find a tube provided by the supplier, you can use plain aloe Vera gel.

If you prefer a manufactured conducting ultrasonic gel, you can get some online.

Where to buy an LED red mask?

You can shop for an LED red mask online.

I found a few great link to some led red lights here.

LED panel for anti-aging and malasma

If you have space in your home and  prefer a more high-tech way of getting visible red light therapy at home. Get the Celluma Pro LED panel. This is the stuff aestheticians use for red light therapy to treat acne and hyperpigmentation in beauty salons.

Use the Celluma pro led on clean skin so the light can penetrate and don’t use this LED more than 4 times a week to avoid issues with your natural skin barrier.

High frequency wand for inflammation

A high frequency want can cure acne overnight and fight post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. So, this light will get rid of mosquito bites scarring too.

Warning about using high frequency wands.

If you are currently going for ND-YAG, BBL, IPL or diode laser hair removal sesions or have done laser hair removal in the past for unwanted hair you might want to reconsider using a high frequency wand in areas where you do not want unwanted hair to come back because high frequency radio waves might stimulate hair regrowth.

The high radio frequency wands comes in the colors orange (neon gas) and purple (filled with argon gas). These both do different things for the skin.

There’s a cheap high frequency wand available on Amazon that comes in a blue box and says “portable high frequency”.

Skincare mini bar fridge to preserve your hyperpigmentation products

Keep skincare cool and preserved at an optimum temperature. Fresh skincare means fresh skin. It’s great to store your retinol serums that fight hyperpigmentation in a skincare fridge.


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