Best Hair Growth Supplements

I’ve tried different hair growth supplements to find the best ones, so you don’t have to. Some of these supplements also helped grow my lashes and brightened my skin. Here’s what I discovered. Listing these supplements from best to mediocre.

MSM (Strengthens Hair)

MSM was the best for strengthening my hair strands and making them thicker. I get no side effects like weight gain or water retention from using MSM and I love that it doubles as a joint supplement. So, you’ll live MSM if you’re active and want long hair.

The downside of MSM is that you have to consume a lot of it to work – like 4000mg – and the costs can add up.

For best results, people say to drink it with vitamin C. A bonus side effect is MSM plus ascorbic acid lightens skin.

Co-enzym Q10 (Great for achieving hair length)

Q10 taken internally.

I love how Co-Enzyme Q10 makes my hair grow longer than its natural limit. You know that how long your hair can grow is sometimes genetic and while some people’s hair grows to the nape of their back, many people’s hair can only grow as far as their shoulders. I just feel that CoQ10 helps my hair grow longer than usual.

Vitamin B6 (Best for rapid cellular turnover)

I can’t remember why I started taking Vitamin B6, but I thought it might give me some bio-hacking benefits. What I found was it did grow my hair and lightened my skin. However, unfortunately, it made me gain weight.

Inositol (the most popular hair growth ingredient)

Inositol worked really quickly to grow my hair but the results weren’t long-lasting. I soon started having hair breakage and shedding so kind of not worth it. But, I liked that I only had a tiny hair growth pill to take each day and that it was affordable compared to MSM.


Why use hair growth supplements?

I used to bleach my hair blond for 2 years and would get hair smoothing treatments done regularly, so my secret to not getting a big chop is supplements.


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