About Critique Babe

I’m, Stella, the Critique Babe.

I’m a semi-retired, semi-nomad creating digital content and assets. I used to be a model (kinda still am) but it was demanding (gyms, watching what I ate, non evasive cosmetic procedures, etc). So, I started this lifestyle blog as an outlet for myself and resource for you guys. 😊

I review things, places and events based on my experience and curiosity. I have a keen interest in beauty, fitness, solo fun, weekend events, night life and adulting. Below are links to my various other profiles on the internet.

My bio:

  • Mid thirties
  • Single (as of editing this page)
  • Childfree (as of editing this page)
  • Urban/Suburban living
  • OCD
  • Skincare addict
  • Not opposed to nightlife

I reveal more about myself within this website and blog.

Critique babe with Proseco and Gucci bag at the bar